Speaker's Bureau

Dick has been a speaker at consumer seminars, annual employee meetings and special gatherings. He always invites the audience to participate in the discussion. Dick has also been a lecturer at many estate planning councils, MDRT, insurance association meetings and over 60 national CLU and CFP conferences.

Here is a sampling of his discussion topics:

"How to be a Professional Annuity Adviser."   This presentation takes a professional audience through scenarios with real-life examples and how to solve practical annuity planning problems that come up all the time.

"What the Rich and Famous are 'Dying to Tell Us.'"   This consumer-friendly talk draws on a long list of famous individuals and the mistakes in their planning that impacted a family's fortune.

"Managing Income in Retirement." Whether the audience is professional or consumer oriented, this talk explains why personal retirement accounts and annuities are the cornerstones to incomes that can't be outlived. Dick explains the many options IRA owners have for themselves and beneficiaries and how to set up an effective retirement distributions plan. In an entertaining manner, he explains why accumulation and payout annuities will be more popular than ever in the years ahead.

Call 303-756-3599 or 303-829-8879 (Cell) to schedule Dick for your next event.