Special Reports by Dick Duff

Dick has written a number of special reports on annuities, primarily of interest to financial advisors. Each is an in-depth explanation of a complex subject he makes understandable. You won't find this information easily in manuals or textbooks.

RWD Enterprises offers these special reports via email for $15 each. Here is a synopsis of the included reports.

  • A Taxing Situation. What Really Happens When an Annuitant or Policyowner Dies
    Differences in annuities before and after January 18, 1985 · The 60 day rule · Maximum payout periods for beneficiaries.
  • When Spouses are Policyowners and Annuitants: Avoiding Tax Surprises Later On
    The 1/5 year force-out rules · Spousal continuance · IRC Sections 72(h) and (s) · The 60 day rule · Combinations where spouses are parties to annuities.
  • How to Choose a Beneficiary for an Annuity Policy
    When a lump sum becomes payable · A minor as beneficiary · A beneficiary predeceases policyowner · And a trust is beneficiary.
  • How to Use Annuities in Medicaid Planning
    Background regarding the impoverished spouse · What his/her unlimited income is · Basic Medicaid qualification · The "name-on-the-check" rule · Actuarially sound annuities · HCFA's Transmittal 64.
  • Annuities in Medicaid Planning (a 2002 udpate)
    How the Medicaid system works · Converting an applicant's cash to an annuity · When he or she is in very poor health · The 2001 Delaware, Ohio and Pennsylvania cases · Indiana's position in 2001.
  • How Annuities are Protected from Lawsuits and Creditors in the 50 States
    Laws/rules in each state · States that fully and partially protect annuities · Cash values or death benefits protected · Paying premiums that defraud others.
  • How Life Insurance is Protected from Lawsuits and Creditors in the 50 States
    Laws/rules in each state · Who is protected; policyowner, insured or beneficiary · special circumstances · When proceeds are placed under settlement options.
  • Ethics and Advisor Responsibility at Point-of-Sale
    Numerous real-life situations · Codes of Ethics · Suggested reading.
  • How Lawyers and the Courts Look at Errors and Omissions of Insurance Agents
    When someone sues you · Generalists, specialists, professionals and fiduciaries · Steps to protect yourself · Types of E&O coverage.
  • Lifetime Transactions: Withdrawals, Loans, Sales and Gifts
    Pre- and post- August 12, 1982 policies · Surrender charges · The pre-age 59½ rules · Gifts of policies to charities · Gifts to a group of individuals..
  • Lifetime Transactions: Exchanges and Partial Transfers
    What a 1035 exchange is · The effect of exchanges on pre-1982 policies · Life insurance exchanged for annuities · The Conway case and partial exchanges
  • Split Investments and Annuities: Two Directional Solutions for More Income
    One directional vs. two directional planning · Split annuities · The rule of 72 · Real life situations.
  • How to Turn an Annuity Policy into a Monthly Income
    Exclusion ratios · Differences between amortizing and annuitizing · Tax effects of period certain and life only annuities · How successor annuitant and beneficiaries are taxed · Income in respect of a decedent.
  • Annuities and Insurance Values: Insurance Guaranty Fund Limits in the 50 States
    What is covered by the fund · Typical limits · State by state coverage · What you can say about the fund.