Reference Manuals by Dick Duff

The Annuity Blue Book (2d Edition)
(2001) This is a 150 page desk reference for financial advisors on the prominent features of annuities and what can happen after they are sold. It includes client expectations; creditor/debtor planning; annuitant, owner and beneficiary issues; exchanges, full and partial; annuitization, gifts and bequests of policies, EIAs and Medicaid spend-down. Must reading for advisors and up-to-date - only $49.95 *.


The IRA Gold Book: Financial Planning Solutions for Clients with Significant IRAs, 2007
This is a 225 page agent/advisor-reader friendly manual on every IRA planning technique imaginable with an emphasis on annuities and life insurance; it is a treatise but written to be understood. Includes numerous examples and references to the Internal Revenue Code and other articles; multi-generational IRAs, beneficiary designations (compares trusts to individuals), how life insurance protects an IRA, and much more. Essential for those who conscientiously help seniors with their retirement and estate planning - only $159.95 *.
Professional Annuity Advisor Essays, 2007
Bound, updated compilation of the 14 special reports published by Dick Duff . - only $99.95.



The Basics of Annuity Planning (Feb 2006) Excellent for new professionals in the annuity business as well as an update-refresher for more experienced advisors - only $29.95.

*   The Annuity Blue Book & The IRA Gold Book - only $189.95.

*   2007 Professional Annuity Advisor Essays, The Annuity Blue Book, The 2007 IRA Gold Book & The Basics of Annuity Planning.
Get all four publications, an incredible amount of knowledge at your fingertips - only $280.00.