Books by Dick Duff

Preserving Family Wealth Using Tax Magic. Strategies Worth Millions
(softcover, Berkley 1995)
A 360 page book on the basics of estate planning and wealth preservation concepts - $16.95.


Keep Every Last Dime. How To Avoid 201 Common Estate Planning Traps and Tax Disasters
(hardcover, RWD Enterprises 1998)
An attractive, and sometimes humorous, 300 page book about the little known, but crucial, subtleties of estate planning. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls that cause disasters for even the richest and most famous individuals. Dozens of real-life examples and stories including those of Joe Robbie, John Denver, Jacqueline Onassis and Bob Magness - $36.95.

Money Magic With Annuities. Great Ideas For Creative Investors. 2nd Edition
(softcover, RWD Enterprises 2003)
A 95 page book containing funny quotes and cartoons about how annuities can be almost magical in a financial plan. Great to give your financial adviser - $19.95.


Take Charge of Your IRA. Avoid Tax Traps and Family Squabbles
(softcover, RWD Enterprises 2007)
An 80 page book, with humorous quotes and cartoons, about the intricacies of individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and how to fit them into your financial plan. A must read for everyone who owns a traditional or Roth account - $19.95.