Expert Litigation History as of March, 2012

(1) Golden v. Renshaw, Inc., James Dunn and Laurence Helfand, in the Circuit Court of the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit, Lake County, Illinois (1992).

This case involved plaintiff's claim that a particular deferred annuity was not suitable to his needs. I assisted the defendant-agent regarding the suitability issue. There was no deposition. I do not know the outcome.

(2) Pigg v. Horst, District Court, County of Jefferson, State of Colorado, Civil Action No. 96 CV0075, Division 4 (1997).

This case involved the suitability of a package of annuity and life insurance products sold by an insurance agent. I assisted the defendant-agent and testified in court. The matter was resolved. I do not know the outcome.

(3) Delfina Archuleta v. Beneficial Standard Financial et al, First Judicial District Court No: CVD0117-CV-02000-0065J (2001).

This case involved client's claim against an insurance agent regarding suitability of her annuity policies. I represented the plaintiff and there was a deposition. The case was settled out-of-court. I do not know the outcome.

(4) In re the Marriage of Abramowitz, Case No. 99DR2652, Arapahoe District Court (Division 10), State of Colorado (2002).

This case was a divorce action in Denver, Colorado. I advised regarding the husband's financial statement.

(5) Nelda Rae Merck, et. al. vs Transamerica Life Insurance Company, et. al, Galveston, Texas
County Court, Cause No. 51.039 (2004).

This case involved a claim against multiple insurance carriers, lawyers for the plaintiff's husband and grandmother, and various insurance agents. It involved alleged negligence and fraud involving (a) estate planning advice, (b) insurance and annuity planning advice, and (c) the sale of certain securities. I represented one of the defendant insurance agents. My deposition was taken. July 7, 2005. The case was settled 1-26-06, two days into trial.

(6) Concha Rowe v. AIG Annuity Insurance Company and Washington Mutual Bank, the Superior Court of Washington in and for the County of King, Case No. 04-2-22428-4 SEA (2005).

This case was a claim by an annuity policyowner involving negligence on the part of the insurer in the administration of her policy. I represented the plaintiff as an advisor on the matter.

(7) Wakulich vs. Midland National Life Insurance Company, Bijan Razdar and American Independent Financial Services Inc., in the Circuit Court of the Sixth Judicial Circuit in and for Pinella County, Florida Case No. 04-4128 (2005).

This case involved plaintiff's claim that an insurance agent deceived a Florida senior when he sold her an indexed annuity. I represented Midland National Life Insurance Company. My deposition was taken in 2006; the case settled shortly thereafter. I do not know the outcome.

(8) Negrete v. Allianz Life Ins. Co. of North America, (2005), a class action RICO case:

I assisted an FMO prior to its deposition in this case.

(9) Estate of Metcalf, et. al., v. Yamaha, et. al. Case No. GIC842234. In the Superior Court of the State of California. In and For the County of San Diego (2008).

I have been retained to assist a plaintiff (the estate/heirs of an annuity field marketing organization owner) in a lawsuit involving alleged wrongful death. My role is to explain the current state of affairs in the annuity/life insurance profession. My deposition was taken October of 2007. The case is set for trial September of 2008.

(10) In re the Marriage of Cecil Calvert Gamrell IV, and Karen Rose Gamrell, Jefferson County District Court, Division 8, 100 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden Colorado, 80401 (2008) Case No. 07DR2278.

This case involves the valuation of a $4 million life insurance policy in a divorce. I am asked by defendant to give expert testimony on this value.

(11) Asset Marketing Systems Insurance Services, LLC vs. William J. McLaughlin Jr. et al. United States District Court, Southern District of California, Case No. 06CV1176 JM (WmC) (2008).

This was a copyright infringement case. I assisted plaintiff, an insurance/annuity field marketing organization, in a copyright/trademark infringement case against a former agent. My deposition was taken January of 2008. This case settled February 2008.

(12) People of the State of California vs. Glenn Neasham Case CR 925185. Superior Court of California (211).

This criminal case involved Glenn Neasham, a California insurance agent., He was convicted of stealing an elderly woman’s money, when he sold her an annuity policy. Apparently, the jury assumed the surrender charges amounted to implicit thievery. I testified on Mr. Neasham’s behalf.

Additionally, I have assisted several agents in administrative actions by Insurance Commissioners regarding the maintenance of their insurance licenses. I also advised counsel in two or three other cases (no records available.)