Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a financial adviser and subscribe to Dick's educational materials, he invites you to email inquiries about annuities, life insurance, and estate and retirement income planning. Based on your "FAQs," he'll post comments and make suggestions from time to time about issues of interest. To get you started, consider these "brainteasers."
  • Harry is the annuity's policy owner, and Mary is the annuitant. What happens if Mary dies? And, if Harry wants to name himself annuitant while Mary is alive, are there any consequences?
  • Does the partial exchange of an annuity really make sense?
  • How do you make sure a multi-generational IRA program will be completed?
  • What is a split-investments retirement income plan?
  • What should I do when estate tax issues are so uncertain?
  • What about Medicaid annuities? Give state specific information.
  • Can you make a 1035 exchange of a term life insurance contract for an annuity and protect the cost basis of premiums paid?
  • How many states protect annuity and life insurance cash values fully from creditors?
  • In a low interest rate environment, does annuitization of cash values and death benefits really make sense?

Try Dick with tough questions like these. And, check our website periodically for the responses.