Expert Witness and Advisor Services by Richard W. Duff JD, CLU

Life Insurance Analysis and Advisory Services
Annuity Analysis and Advisory Services
Estate and Financial Planning and Analysis and Advisory Services

Richard Duff provides Expert Witness, and Litigation Advisor Services addressing life insurance, annuity contracts, estate and financial planning, and tax matters. Dick has 43 years of extensive financial services experience in the fields of life insurance, annuity contracts, estate and financial planning and analysis. Dick presently is an inactive member of the Colorado Bar Association; he has active insurance agent licenses in Colorado and other states.

When Dick is on a litigation support team, he brings skills as a trained lawyer, financial planner, life insurance agent, author and frequent speaker at life insurance and annuity events. Most importantly he'll understand what happened (or should have happened) in client meetings with and without other members of the planning team. He is skilled when it comes to interpreting life insurance and charitable trusts; buy-sell, split dollar, and deferred compensation agreements; summary plan descriptions, complex beneficiary designations, pension trusts and IRA custodial agreements.

Dick has advised in literally thousands of cases involving other agents, their clients and members of client planning teams. He tells them what can go wrong and what to do about it.

Go to where Dick is a Columnist regarding annuities, life insurance and IRAs. Here, you can preview 30 or so articles that he has written over the past two years.

For More Information

Dick welcomes your call at 303-756-3599 or 303-829-8879 (Cell) and looks forward to discussing your special problems, issues and concerns. A complete biosketch and fee schedule is available on request.