Client Situations and Profiles

Here is a sampling of 30 situations (that arise in disputes and litigation involving life insurance, annuities and estate and financial planning); Dick can be helpful here and in similar instances.

1. In divorce property settlements, the parties need to value life insurance/annuity policies, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), pension and 401(k) accounts and streams of current or future income.

2. The insurance and estate planning documents are vague and ambigious.

3. There are misunderstandings about beneficiary designations, policyowners and annuitants and insureds.

4. There is need to project or describe the state of the insurance or annuity industry.

5. A dispute involves whether an insurance agent acted as a generalist, specialist, professional or fiduciary.

6. An annuity or life insurance policyholder (or their beneficiaries) believes they weren't given appropriate information, choices or alternatives.

7. There is a question of whether an annuity or life insurance policy or recommendation is suitable.

8. An IRA or 401(k) beneficiary form, summary plan description or custodial agreement is an issue.

9. There is a dispute between an annuity Field Marketing Organization (FMO), insurance agent and/or an insurance company.

10. An insurance company is alledgedly responsible for actions of their agents in a planning situation.

11. Trustees of insurance trusts may have acted improperly.

12. Insurance illustrations, vanishing premiums and deception are in dispute.

13. An insurance agent inappropriately exchanged or twisted annuity or life insurance policies.

14. An insurer denies a life or disability insurance claim or cancels a policy for fraud, error or pre-existing conditions.

15. An insurance agent or financial planner acted negligently, fraudulently, maliciously or in a self serving manner.

16. There is elder abuse or lack of care.

17. An insurance carrier is promoting inappropriate annuity policies.

18. A class action case involves annuities and the life insurance industry.

19. There is an inappropriate life settlement of an insurance policy.

20. An indexed (or equity indexed annuity) is vague, unsuitable or inappropriate.

21. Annuitizing annuity or life insurance policies is a focus.

22. An agent should have recommended another type of policy.

23. A report is necessary involving future and present values or rates of return.

24. An insurance agent or financial planner is engaged in bad faith or wrongful market conduct.

25. An advisor leaves a life insurance or annuity policy or IRA/401(k)/pension plan unattended.

26. A trial exhibit is required involving life insurance; annuities or estate, financial or retirement planning.

27. An estate or financial plan backfires.

28. An insurance agent needs support with administrative matters before an insurance commissioner.

29. Surrender charges in an annuity are an issue.

30. There is a need to interpret language in life insurance and annuity policies.