CD-ROMs by Dick Duff

"How to Be A Professional Annuity Advisor": A 3.5 hour, educational CD-rom you can view at leisure on your home or office computer. This CD is a conversation sponsored by MFS Investment Management® of Boston, MA., in 2000, between MFS' Bill Loesch and Dick Duff that addresses 1035 exchanges; creditor protection; annuitant, policyowner and beneficiary issues; annuitization; Medicaid planning; and much more about structuring annuities in the financial plan.

Approved for continuing education in most states (3 to 6 hours). - $29.95

"The Future of Retirement Income Planning": A 2.5 hour conversational educational CD-rom sponsored by MFS Investment Management® on annuitizing alternatives; split investments planning, 1035 exchanges and what's ahead in IRA retirement distributions planning.

Continuing education - 2.5 hours (est.) in all states - $29.95