Professional Assistance from Dick Duff

A mentoring arrangement for financial advisors: When it comes to estate planning, insurance and annuity issues, have you ever wanted someone with whom to share ideas and questions? Dick can help. You can make flexible arrangements to discuss your complex cases with him via phone. Call Dick @ 303-756-3599 or 303-829-8879 (Cell) for more information.

Consultations with consumers: Contact Dick directly with your important questions. Perhaps he can point you quickly in the right direction. Or, he can be your insurance agent or fee-based financial adviser. He is not security licensed and does not sell or consult on matters pertaining to investments (other than fixed annuities or fixed life insurance policies).

Litigation support for attorneys: If your client's litigation involves (a) the suitability of life insurance or annuities in a financial plan; (b) an issue involving life insurance agent or financial planner liability (non securities matters, only); or (c) the impact of life insurance or annuities in divorce planning, contact Dick. He is experienced in trial testimony, depositions, or merely acting as an advisor in preparing for trial or settlement. Dick will make a preliminary evaluation, and he will represent either plaintiffs or defendants. To view a number of articles I've written regarding the suitability of annuities in agent/annuity lawsuits, click here

Advising insurers, banks and financial institutions: In addition to speaking at gatherings of insurance agents and financial planners, Dick is a consultant on annuity and insurance product design and can assist with the marketing thrust to a sales force. In particular, he has a passion for payout annuities and retirement income planning.